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Revolution Now! with Peter Joseph | Ep #11 In this episode Peter discusses "Post-Scarcity" (Part 2/2), its foundational reasoning and why market economics cannot manifest a post-scarcity abundance,...


Play is our “adaptive wild card” - makes the monotonous grind of surviving and catalyzing change out of a rigid, non-emergent society, possible...helps build trust and cooperation, and sparks n...


What is Solarpunk? • A Revolt of Hope Against Despair • Eco-Speculation, in Both Fiction and Reality • Positive Articulation of a Better World • Practical Utopianism • An Aesthetic Compat...


Vaccine success or not, this is a time to push for public institutionalization of Healthcare as a measure of transparency. The US is the only wealthy industrialized nation without Univ Healthcare; i...


Peter Joseph's Revolution Now!, Peter discusses the nature of news media; economic scarcity/management and the start of a conversation about "Post-Scarcity" (Part 1/2)


“Carbon negative” concrete manufacturing processes that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere... (Technical solutions exist - but our coerced culture of identity-tribalism" keeps us from being


We need more technical approaches to ecological sustainability. And don't be afraid of holding true to spreading depth of understanding & robust solutions, vs. short-term viral success via simplis...


Interesting talk about some of the subtleties of powerful a role social exclusion and signaling can play in perpetuating bias and ignorance, as much as it can be a mechanism for...


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TZM Activists

The Purpose:
The “TZM Chapter” structure is our communication network to organize world-wide. Each new chapter gives people in that region a place to go to engage in these ideas. At the moment the Movement’s focus is on awareness activism, not only of the Movement’s presence, but of the root-causes to persistent social problems and a sustainable social direction which can be briefly named a Natural-Law Resource Based Economic Model. The chapters themselves are focused on on-the-ground awareness projects and social interaction in regard to this direction.

The Reason:
Our greatest challenge isn’t the technical application of the solutions that exist to create an access abundance for the world’s population. It is the value systems which are perpetuated by established institutions that comprise the largest part of our society. Namely the monetary, political and religious establishments. The hardened value systems created by such established orders are the most difficult to address. Someone I admire stated to me once that, “The truth isn’t something that is told to you, it is something you realize on your own through new information.” To this end, the design of the chapters are that of a holographic, volunteer network. Organized and focused as an on-the-ground and in-person TZM presence which takes on the task of engaging the public through awareness activism, inputting new information into the current value system – communicating with people as best we can so that the possibility of a sustainable world can exist beyond the ultimate decay of an over-consumption model such as we have now.

Chapter Meetings:
Chapter Meetings usually consist of planning for activism events and feedback from completed projects, as well as being a communications portal of movement-wide efforts (Z-Day events, etc.). We learn about the effectiveness of our activism by experience, and work with the resources available regardless of chapter size.

Chapter meetings are not discussions of whether people like the idea of an RBE or a round-table melting-pot of everyone’s opinion (that will generally happen at your activism event itself). TZM Chapters are for those that are past the point of “is this a good idea?” and see the merit in the need for wide-spread awareness in society of the system problem and wish to engage on this level. Social aspects are certainly part of chapter activities as this is a social movement and that sense of global community is vital.

Communication Structure:
TZM’s chapter structure is holographic in the sense that each chapter contains the information and purpose of the Movement itself and engages in awareness activism in their region as best fits local language and culture. Chapters are comprised of volunteers who desire to forward the Movement’s direction in public awareness and understanding.

Activism projects, actions or ideas that are accomplished by members, that show merit to the Movement and a measure of success in the communication of what we advocate, tend to get picked up and emulated by other chapters. Feedback is given to coordinators, usefulness becomes self-evident, and, ultimately, such projects, actions and ideas are brought to the attention of the global coordinators through our networked levels of local, state, and national chapters so communication flows throughout the network.

TZM Activists:

Zeitgeist Movement activists are volunteers. Our time and efforts are focused on transitioning out of the current monetary/market paradigm to a sustainable Natural-Law Resource-Based Economy model.

Activists are generally involved in:


Facilitating or attending meetings on a regular basis


Planning of local or global activist events


Understanding the book The Zeitgeist Movement Defined which explains the attributes of the Movement’s direction in detail


Staying in communication with other TZM activists

Zeitgeist Day in London, 2015

TZM Online


The TZM Official YouTube Channel


The TZM Global Facebook Page


The Zeitgeist Movement Global Twitter  page


Official TZM community on Discord


The TZM Official Instagram account


Password: Tzmghj


A TZM General Telegram group


This used to be called Riot. It’s more secure than Discord but had connected chat rooms. 

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