About The Zeitgeist European Meetups


The Zeitgeist Movement had flourished in many branches of Europe by 2015. Several activists and branches were inspired to hold a large TZM convention. The first Zeitgeist European Meet-Up was held for 4 days in Rotterdam, Netherlands in December 2015, featuring a unique program of presentations, workshops, dancing, music, and freedom to interact and establish new friendships. The optimism and synergy inspired people to continue their activism within TZM.

The second Zeitgeist European Meet-Up and first major event from TZM in Eastern-Europe and was held in Kiev, Ukraine in July of 2017. The standard of TZM in Europe was greatly was raised with this event, which had rented an entire hotel, featured presentations of Ukrainian academia and performances of well known Ukrainian bands, dancing, included campfire gatherings as well as professional simultaneous translation of Ukrainian and English for all attendees. Many attendees claim that it was the best event that TZM ever held.

The Zeitgeist European Meet-Ups are not limited to Europeans, but open to anyone wishing to take part in the excitement. The European Meet-Ups feature the cultures and environments in Europe while continuing to explore and advance the TZM train of thought. They are usually held two years apart and are organized by a European TZM branch.

Like all other events hosted by TZM to promote global sustainability, this type of event is to host a warm, friendly gathering of people to network, connect and learn from each other to explore new possibilities to create a more sustainable, better future for all, while also being immersed in various cultures and environments in Europe.

Performers of the Zeitgeist European Meetups have included Chris Larcombe, Sergiy Chernyshov and acclaimed Ukrainian rock band Пісні Наших Днів (Songs Of Our Days).

Attending & Hosting


The Zeitgeist European Meetup events are organized and held in countries within Europe. It is suggested to connect with the TZM branches within Europe to find out of the latest news on where the next event is going to take place. If there is no decision on the next event and you and others are encouraged to try and host the event, inform the other European branches to get support and arrangements made, it is always welcomed.



Apart from joining the Mailing List, the Facebook page is a good way to follow everything happening. Support for the event is limited only to your interest to promote. As noted before, this is a grassroots, non-corporate concept and the success of each years’ events depends on the support of the community.

The Zeitgeist Movement is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License