Newsletter August 2020


We understand that it’s currently a very trying, somewhat chaotic time but we hope that you are doing well and looking after yourself and others during this Covid19 global pandemic.

Whilst TZM itself hasn’t made much of the current situation, there are some pro RBE groups which have such as the bite-sized series The Great Pause.

Main Event Z-Day 2020

Due to Covid19 the global Zeitgeist Day (Zday) event in Reykjavík, Iceland has been postponed to the 28th of November. The great news is that it’ll be held at the Harpa Concert Hall. The northern equivalent of the Sydney Opera house, with a potential added spectacle, sometimes the Aurora Borealis dances above.
Questions regarding the event should be sent to the TZM Iceland’s Facebook page or directly via email.
Express your interest in attending by following the Facebook Event for announcements of when tickets will be available.
Also, checkout the epic promo video.

Zday Global 2020 in Iceland – November

Open Access Assemblies

The Monthly International Meetings have been renamed the Open Access Assemblies and the events have changed so they are 2 weeks apart.

The Wednesday events are now on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month whilst the Saturday event is still the last Saturday of the month.
You can view the July and August meeting notes.

August’s Open Access Assemblies will be Wednesday 12th at 21:00 UTC and then 2 weeks later which is Saturday 29th August 2020 at 09:00 UTC. Both will be held on TZM Discord server in the (voice) international channel.
The meetings pad is a collaborative document which already has an agenda waiting for you to add items to it.

Add anything to the agenda that you wish to discuss, along with your name. Yes, that means you.
Hope to see you there!

General TZM News

If your interested in knowing more about what’s happening in TZM the  website is a great place to start. It shows posts from the #news-and-updates channel on Discord  which have at least 3 thumbs up.
Contact someone on the Discord server with the Movement Activist, Meeting HostsModerator or Admin role if you would like something posted.

Interreflections Movie

Peter Joseph’s esteemed new movie Interreflections is slated for release on the 6th of October.

Facebook Community

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen a surge in membership in the Facebook Global discussion group ( not to be confused with the TZM Global Page ). We’ve more than doubled in size since March, and while we’d like to move off unethical platforms, pop in and join the conversation if you have a Facebook account.

TZM Discord

Discord is one of the online TZM communities which recently had a lot of cleaning up and reforms done to improve usability and also assist those that want to contribute to it. There are still changes in the works like more types of hangouts as well as audiobook gatherings and a jukebox channel. Come join the fun!

Koto Coop

Beginning this (Northern Hemisphere) Summer the Finnish chapter of TZM started the Koto Coop project.

The Idea is to create a small-scale RBE transition solution. Their main goal is to be able to offer a source of livelihood for the people that would like to spend their time developing and living in a prototype RBE community.
The coop doesn’t have much initial funding development is incremental. Koto Coop aims to develop technologies such as micro-industrial production, which can be implemented to improve the community. They aim to openly share and allow other parallel communities and project to join the cause.

So far they’ve setup a CNC machine, are working on plans for a Biogas power plant (which is appropriate given the local area’s resources) and Koto is now a registered organisation which is accepting donations. Koto is also developing a number of teams many of which involve people from around the world. They are always looking for more help or collaboration, and anyone interested in this kind of project is welcome to join or learn more.


Whilst Koto is one example of a community trying to affect our living conditions, Sharebay, founded by Free World Charter’s Colin Turner, is aiming online. Sharebay’s goal is to bring about a post-scarcity transition by changing the culture of private property to that of access abundance.

For those that were following along Sharebay the Global Free-Sharing Community is somewhat of a rebrand of the Free Worlder project.

You can read more about the approach being taken by Sharebay with Colin’s new post.
If your interested in culture change then you can be a part of it by signing up and sharing with others.

TZM Reinvigoration

Since the global pandemic there’s been an uptick in members within the movement. Keen to keep the momentum going there’s been some discussions around what the movement should focus on. You can read Michael Kubler’s article for his reflection on the movement thus far.

For more news, discussions and participation in TZM activities – join the movement’s online community.

If you speak Spanish then there’s been a lot of activity including a new Spanish Speakers website and regular meetings. There’s also an RBE podcast network in development and many more interesting projects people are working on. Stay Tuned.

Cross Pollination with parallel thought

There are other groups that are aiming for a Post-Scarcity Systems, though not necessarily informed by the NLRBE.
One great example of this is Game B.
They are coming at it from a different perspective and have some great ideas worth investigating if you have some spare time.

With the Rebel Wisdom War on Sensemaking series being highly recommended with people like Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jordan Hall, Charles Eisenstein and Jamie Wheal talking culture change, technology, Covid19 plus the rise of fake news.

One worthwhile contribution from that space (of many) is the Rebel Wisdom War on Sensemaking series which is highly recommended, with people like Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jordan Hall, Charles Eisenstein and Jamie Wheal talking culture change, technology, Covid19 plus the rise of fake news among so much more that is relevant to not just our moment, but the whole, actual ‘zeitgeist’ movement.

Keep safe, keep sane, and lean into community. We are stronger together, with solidarity.