Newsletter – December 2018

Here’s a small summary of what’s been happening in The Zeitgeist Movement and related groups since August when the last newsletter was sent.

Zday 2019 Argentina

Zday 2019 Argentina Crowdfunding campaign

The 2019 global Zday event will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This is the first main event in Latin America and we are looking for help! In order to cover the costs of a real time translator without making the cost of the event prohibitively expensive, volunteers have launched a crowdfunding campaign. We’ve raised $1,300 of the required USD $2,000 so far.
You can donate at

Check out and share the incredible video they put together to make this happen:

With quality that good, you know the event will be worth it. Anything you are able to contribute will be appreciated and welcome! Here’s the facebook event page to throw on your calendar:

TZM Development and News

TZM – Development and News

For those wanting to quickly view the latest TZM news check out the new news site:

It shows a list of messages posted to the Discord server in the #development_and_news channel with at least 3 likes / thumbs up.

This awesome ability is thanks to Juuso the Finland coordinator as part of his TZM weekend hackathon work. You can email him at for more information.

TZM - Communication Guide

TZM – Communication Guide

For those interested in being active, engaged members there is a suggested communications protocol. The aim is to get people to at least one of the two monthly meetings so we can be informed as to what is happening and help with the myriad of ongoing projects.

You can read the full communications guide here and the important points are listed below.

Communication Protocol

Expectation: Approximately 3 hours work a month

1. Once a week check the announcements channel #development_and_news channel in Discord

2. Make sure to properly write announcements that are relevant for everyone to read and post them in the #development_and_news channel in discord

4. Once a month attend at least one of the two global meetings. It is not necessary to attend both

The meetings are on :

–  The last Saturday of every month at 9:00 UTC in the (voice) International channel. On Discord ( )


–  The last Wednesday of every month at 21:00 UTC. On Team Speak

Team Speak Server Details

Server Nickname or Address:

Password : Tzm_GHJ

If it’s not possible to attend then you can read the minutes.

Common Heritage Pledge

Common Heritage Pledge

As part of the awesome work that Erykah Sundance has been doing in getting the post-scarcity, post-monetary groups together The Zeitgeist Movement has signed the Common Heritage pledge.

The pledge in its final form:

I declare the Earth as the Common Heritage for all life.

I support a global transition to a system based on science and the Earth’s capacity to sustain us. Replacing resource competition, money/trade and private property with sharing earth’s resources, goods, services, technology, and knowledge.

In this system, I pledge to freely contribute my skills and motivations with my time and labor, to serve a community that serves me, that fulfills my basic needs, and does not subjugate me in any way.

I do this with the knowledge that others will too, and hereby affirm my commitment for co-creating a better world for me, and for all.

You can learn more at the Common Heritage website or view the final document.

You can see the work in progress list of other groups:

Common Heritage

Zeitgeist European Meet-Up

Zeitgeist European Meet-Up 2019

The TZM European meetup will be from the 1st to 8th of July 2019 in Enköping, Sweden. It looks to be an amazing time with a big line-up of guests.

Facebook event:

You can buy tickets from

TZM - Latest Videos

Latest Videos

The latest videos released on the TZM official YouTube channel are:

Michael Kubler : The Price of Zero Transition to an RBE, Zday 2018

Michael Kubler talks about transitioning to a post-scarcity / abundance centered society by first getting the necessities of life to be free to everyone on the planet, using what he calls the Price of Zero transition.

His slides are available at

A Picture of Transition | Andrew Drummond | ZDay 2018 London

“A Picture of Transition” looks at several looming economic crises in energy and resource overshoot, challenges that we will face in transitioning to a renewably-powered circular economy, social adaptations that need to be made, how they can improve quality of life, and with case studies, shows how you can get this ball rolling in your local community, making almost anything from almost nothing.

Want to contribute to the newsletter? Email with any news or updates.

As these are only sent a couple of times a year, you should post to the #development_and_news Discord channel if there’s more timely news. Then it can get automatically added to the TZM news portal.

We hope you have a great 2019.

Happy RBE!