How To Conduct An Event


Consider holding your own ZMF style event. There’s great flexibility within this kind of an event; be creative, have fun, and see who in your chapter and local activist & artist communities want to do this. Surprising what self organizes synergistically through the arts.

If you are in agreement with the Mission Statement and want to plant an event to be recognized and posted, please submit to The terms of your participation are very simple:

1) Your event will be not for profit.

2) You will, if possible, conduct a Food/Resource Drive to help your community.

Beyond that, the curation of your event and its specifics are up to your ability and inspiration to do so. A ZMF event does not need to be a huge, 1000 person seat venue. It could be a small outdoor, community event or even semi-private affair. Of course, it is very important that you document what you have done, large or small.

Setting up a Facebook/Youtube Channel for your community and video documentation is highly suggested. After your event is complete, we would appreciate all press/video/photo of your event be sent to us so we can continue an ongoing catalog each year to show the growing power. The more you send us, the more we can promote your work!

Email us event info at:

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