Zeitgeist Day: Event Guide

How To Organize A Local Zeitgeist-Day Event


Zeitgeist-Days usually contain a number of presentations or lectures from TZM activists or guest speakers, who may be famous or relatively obscure. There are often Q&A (question and answer) panels at the conclusion of the event to follow up on presentations, or address questions regarding TZM, in general. There are normally many leaflets, books, and TZM merchandise at the event to promote and disseminate knowledge of the movement and its intentions.

Anybody with the ambition to host this event and spread awareness of global sustainability are by all means welcome to commence and participate. Hosting Z-Day at a local level whether it is in a city, town or village and especially being organized for the first time in that area should not be pressuring anyone with high standards.

If you are in agreement with the Mission Statement and want to plan an event to be recognized and posted, please submit to info@thezeitgeistmovement.com, and it is recommended to reach out to the community on social media and TZM’s Discord Server. On the server you will also be connected to many resources and other activist whether from your homeland or international that can be of guidance and help to organizing your event.

Setting up a Facebook/Youtube Channel for your community and video documentation is highly suggested. After your event is complete, we would appreciate all press/video/photo of your event be sent to us so we can continue an ongoing catalog each year to show the growing power. The more you send us, the more we can promote your work!

Event Planing Tips

1) Find an affordable location and of decent size for speakers and an audience (auditoriums might be preferred best).
2) Gather media resources from TZM and create a press kit for your event.
3) Make sure you or your group/branch have the event available on a platform of social media.
4) Go to your local newspaper, journalists, city hall or anywhere that can help promote and spread awareness of the event
5) Invite people of common interest to participate and speak.
6) Reach out to TZM and other activist within the movement through social media or Discord to get help and assitance.
7) Have the event recorded and shared on social media or other media platforms such as YouTube.
8) Enjoy the event and be the change you wish to see in the world!


How The Global Zeitgeist-Day Main Event Is Organized


The Zeitgeist Movement hosts annually Global Zeitgeist-Day at various locations around the world. It is an event that is normally organized by much global assistance than just from the local people hosting the event. The Global Z-Days are normally planed sometimes years in advance by the rest of the community of activists within the movement. To find out more information about the current lineup or queue of events, get in touch with the community through social media or the Discord Server to get the latest details.

Although Global Z-Day is sometimes viewed as a commercial event, it always remains no-profit. However because of its international audience and program, the event may have a very high budget and then may require a lot of financial planing, which is why most of the Global Z-Days in the past have had an entry fee. All of these matters should always be assisted by the rest of community – it is all in the end global collaboration.

For more questions, contact us at: info@thezeitgeistmovement.com

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