The Zeitgeist Movement

Presents the

The 12th Annual ZDay

The 2020 Main Event will take place in

Reykjavík, Iceland

On this Saturday November 28th, 2020


The 12th Annual Global ‘Zeitgeist Day’ in 2020 in will be in Reykjavík, Iceland!

Due to Covid19 the event has been delayed to be on the 28th November and is now purely online.

The live stream will start at 12 noon UTC will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube. Check this page or the Facebook event page on the day for the exact live stream links.

This will be a unique and eye-opening Z-Day event presented from The Zeitgeist Movement – Iceland, the very first global TZM event ever held in the country.

Facebook Event:

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  1. Giorgio Baruchello
  2. Einar Bergmundur
  3. Kristín Vala Ragnarsdóttir
  4. Cliford Frei
  5. Birgitta Jónsdóttir


    1. Carla Rosemary
    2. Eyvindur Eggertsson
    3. Andrea Jónsdóttir

Zday Speakers

Carla Rose is originally from London, Rose started her career in her early twenties when she co-owned ‘Botchit & Scarper’, an independent drum n bass/breakbeat record label where she oversaw the PR, A&R, Marketing and Artist Liaison. After relocating to Iceland in 2005, Rose became more involved in the underground dance scene, becoming a regular DJ at prominent venues in Reykjavík, Iceland. In 2014 she joined the Secret Solstice team, one of Iceland’s biggest music festivals, performing on the Askur stage. Carla Rose also played at ADE Festival 2018 and last September 2019, played in the United States a prestigious club in Washington DC called “Flash”.
Known for her infectious energy, dedication to the industry and her constant support for fellow artists and DJs, Rose is the Jamaican ancestry, London raised, adopted Icelandic DJ who is making her mark with her experimental approach to music and her cultivated style, connecting music lovers from different genres

Andrea Sigríður Jónsdóttir is a well-known radio host and record player, who has been honored as Iceland’s rock grandmother by the media. She started working as a proofreader at Þjóðviljan in 1972 and worked there for more than a decade. In 1984 she started directing her own show on Channel 2 1984.
Andrea received the Knight’s Cross of the Icelandic Falcon Word in 2018 for her contribution to the promotion of Icelandic and foreign popular music.

Kristín Vala Ragnarsdóttir is the rare combination of academic and activist. She is professor at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland and was previously Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences at that university and Professor of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Bristol, UK. She is actively involved with international think tanks on sustainability including being a Global Council member and Ambassador of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, Distinguished Fellow at the Schumacher Institute (UK), member and former Vice-President of the Balaton Group, and member of the International Club of Rome. Vala is a member of several scientific academies such as Academia Europaea, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Icelandic Academy, and the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce. Grounded in Earth Sciences, Vala has been envisioning sustainable futures and finding sustainability transformative solutions with her students since the turn of the century. Her research engagement focuses on evaluating natural resources and their economics link through natural resource evaluation, system dynamics, determining sustainability indicators for soil, tourism and the circular- and wellbeing economy, and finding fabric for sustainable communities. Her recent activities include casting light on corruption in natural resource management, linking population, soil, phosphorous and sustainable land management with food security, developing groundwork for new economies to achieve the SDGs, and demonstrating the need for the regenerative wellbeing economy due to the global climate emergency. Recently Vala was member the Icelandic Prime Minister committee that developed 39 indicators of wellbeing, as well as the government committee outlining future energy policy to 2050. She is the author of over 150 academic publications and book chapters. Vala co-edited Pollutants, Human Health and the Environment by Wiley (2011) and was a subject editor of The Oxford Companion to the Earth published by Oxford University Press (2000). She has also co-edited several special journal issues. Vala is currently engaged in editing, contributing to and writing books on Transformation Literacy (Springer), Regenerative Wellbeing Economy (Schumacher Briefing), and Rethinking Economics (Edward Elgar). In the past few years Kristin Vala has been active in training parliamentary members in sustainability thinking and more recently in the Pirate Party in Iceland, and has in particular taken part in developing party policies that address climate change, sustainability and new economic thinking. She is frequently spotted in protests in front of the Icelandic parliament on issues that relate to corruption and lack of action taken in our times of climate and planetary crisis.

Born in Genoa, Italy, Giorgio Baruchello is an Icelandic citizen and works as Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Akureyri, Iceland. He read philosophy in Genoa and Reykjavík, Iceland, and holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Guelph, Canada. His publications encompass several different areas, especially social philosophy, theory of value, and intellectual history. Since 2005 he edits Nordicum-Mediterraneum: The Icelandic E-Journal of Nordic and Mediterranean Studies

The 2020 Main Event will take place in

Reykjavík, Iceland

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