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The 3rd Zeitgeist European Meetup


This event took place at:

Sandbrogatan 2, SE-745 25 Enköping, Sweden

01 – 08.07.2019
Event began at: 14:00

The 3rd Zeitgeist European Meetup: One Full Week Of Social Gatherings, Dancing, Cooking, Collaboration, Fun & Games, Exploring Sweden & Visiting Historical Sites And Much More For Going Towards A More Sustainable Society!

Welcome to the third Zeitgeist European Meet-Up, this year, in Enköping Sweden!
This week-long international event, held the first week of July 2019, extendis a warm welcome to both native Swedes and guests from abroad. Everyone is welcome to come join the adventure, especially those that want to explore how people can live sustainably, now and in the future!
If you are concerned about the future of mankind, care about your fellow woman and man, want to make a difference, and wish to be directing your energies toward things that matter, you need to be here!
If you are a student, an activist, a member of any concerned environmental or political organizations, are committed to realizing equality and freedom for all, or are just a loner, we need you to be here!
1 July 2019 – 8 July 2019
Westerlundska Gymnasiet Enköping (Sandbrogatan 2, 745 25 Enköping, Sweden)
Enköping, you will come to see, is also close to both Sweden’s first city and its first known town, as well as to Viking burial mounds, runes, thousands of rock drawings, and other important cultural and historical sites. The school gymnasium of Enköping will serve as the main building for accommodation, meals, and some parts of the program.
We are releasing a program very soon, at latest a week before the event. We would like to share with you all a basic timeplan of what we have so far, to give basic idea of what the agenda will be like. Keep in mind that things in the plan are expected to change as we put more activities into the program.
Stay tuned!…/1QTfKeEOiqudc3…/edit…
What to expect?
The goals of this year’s European Meet-Up include emphasizing teamwork, appreciating humanity, overcoming isolation, and learning from ancestors, especially on how they lived, sustainably. There will also a focus on Swedish and other Scandinavian culture, including contemporary music and arts, and old Norse (Viking age and earlier) culture and music, rooted in Sweden’s history.
We will be discussing contemporary problems that are affecting us globally. Some of the basic questions we will ask ourselves and each other include:
What are the major challenges to sustainable humanity?
What are possible solutions?
What are WE going to do?
There will also be much time to simply get to know one another, build new friendships, and hook up with old friends, in this atmosphere of community and fellowship.
Another key theme of this event is that there are no leaders or stars, understanding instead that we are all performers and co-creators.
The school provides many rooms for event activities, presentations, meals, bathrooms and showers, as well as (group – many people sharing a classroom) lodging. Bearing in mind that there will be no beds provided by the school, we ask our guests to bring sleeping bags for their stay. If this is not a comfortable or attractive option for you, we can assist in locating or recommending some hotels and hostels in the area, which can serve as good alternatives. Sleeping in the school is only allowed for those over 18 years of age. Under 18 participants must choose an alternative, as only over 18 adults will be allowed to sleep at the event.
Arriving at the event
From Arlanda International Airport (Stockholm):
Take FLIXBUS from terminals 5 or terminal 2/3 to Enköping Central Station (this is both a train and bus station) Tickets are available through the FLIXBUS app or through kiosks located near the point of arrival in the airport at each terminal. The airport terminals feature extremely helpful information centers near your arrival area, which can help you book, purchase or locate the transportation option you desire.
From Stockholm Central Station (T-Centralen): Numerous trains are available on a constant basis from Stockholm to Enköping.
Enköping can be reached by train, bus, or car from other locations as well, of course. Please note that it is conveniently located right along E18, one of the major European highways found in Sweden.
Detailed maps for parking, making one’s way from the station to the school, and check-in / check-out times and procedures will be forthcoming, after you have purchased your ticket and as we approach the event dates. We will be contacting all who have purchased tickets, and asking for travel plans, so that we know when to expect them and can plan accordingly.
Special badges and registration procedures will ensure a safe and smooth event, and allow all authorized participants to easily enter and partake in all the meals and activities. Please note that the under-18 tickets will be entitled to participate in everything, except the few activities in the evening where alcohol is served and sleeping at the event.
We also invite you to message us through Facebook and actively engage in the pre-2019 European Meet-Up discussions.
If you need assistance in finding a good route to Sweden or information on how to get to Enköping, PLEASE contact us!
All participants must be able to produce official government identification for insurance and security issues. We will be required to inspect and copy official identification documents at check-in and registration. Those over 18 years will must pay the regular ticket prices, whether they sleep at the event or not, and whether they participate in the events that serve alcohol or not. Those under 18 years pay the discounted ticket prices.
Buy tickets here:… this event we will have three tickets available: DEADLINE for purchase is 23 June 2019!
General Admission ticket 5-8 July 2019: 120€ – purchased before 15 May, 150€ after 15 May
(100€ – under 18)
– Accommodation within the school (over 18, only). Beds or sleeping bags are not provided.
– Vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
– Alcoholic (over 18, only) and non-alcoholic beverages
– Access to the events
Early Welcome Ticket / General Admission Ticket Combination 3-8 July 2019: 180€ – purchased before 15 May, 230€ after 15 May
(150€ – under 18)
Includes the General Admission Ticket, as well as:
– Two days early personal welcome and socializing with organizers and personnel
– Additional sightseeing opportunities (individual and small group)
– Opportunities for recreation in town, at local lakes, and on bike and hiking trails
– Accommodation within the school (over 18, only). Beds or sleeping bags are not provided.
– Vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
– Alcoholic (over 18, only) and non-alcoholic beverages
– Access to ALL General Admission events
Living in an RBE (Resource-based-economy) (Content, Collaboration, Workshop) 1-8 July 2019 / Early Welcome Ticket / General Admission Ticket Combination 240€ – purchased before 15 May, 310€ after 15 May
(200€ – under 18)
– Collaboration living project (What is life in an RBE really like? What social systems and behavior apply? What challenges apply? How do we transition our beliefs and attitudes? What will agriculture and education be like? What rolls will science and religion play?)
– Invited two days earlier for welcome and socializing, self-directed focus groups, and workshops. The profiles and preferences of the participants will determine the final agenda.
– Accommodation within the school (over 18, only). Beds or sleeping bags are not provided.
– Vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
– Alcoholic (over 18, only) and non-alcoholic beverages
– Full access to ALL events
Again, any additional questions, please contact us via email.
What is the Zeitgeist Movement (TZM)?
Here is a short video that briefly summarizes what TZM is.
What is the Zeitgeist European Meet-Up?
The definition of its name, Zeitgeist, meaning the cultural climate of an era, European, a location within the European continuant, and Meet-Up, referring to a gathering of people for a plan.
Therefore the Zeitgeist European Meet-Up is an international gathering of people that meet in a within Europe, exploring the cultural climate of that area, that includes the present and the past, while meeting with the common interest of living sustainably, living in harmony with nature as well as one another, and using technology and science for non-destructive purposes. Anybody, not just Europeans, as well as those from any and all backgrounds, who wishes to participate is welcome.
We expect to include volunteer and arranged poetry, visualization, music and other performances, interspersed throughout the entire event. We also encourage participants to share their own expression and creativity in similar fashion. We will therefore have “open-mic“, “jam session”, and “collaborative performance” periods for everyone who is willing, to participate in. We will be asking all ticket-holders, in advance, if there are skills or knowledge they are willing to share or teach others, as well as what skills or knowledge they would most like shared with them. These responses will help us further tailor the event to the individuals participating. Besides feeding the mind and soul with such exchanges, and feeding the appetite with healthy and creative vegan offerings, we will be feeding the body with delights, so be sure to bring good walking shoes and clothing, swimwear, and sunscreen!
The first European Meetup took place in Rotterdam in December 2015. TZM had concentrated more in the past on having long single-day events containing several seminars or presentations, and including a Q&A session at the end of the event. The meetup in Rotterdam was unique in that it was held for several days (in a school), and although some presentations were also made, attendees lodged, ate, danced, and conversed with each other the entire time. Participants left the event with many new perspectives and felt more connected and motivated than before.
The second meetup was held in Kiev, Ukraine in 2017, during the first week of July, and was also the first major and international event for TZM Ukraine. The time of year for the meetup was better for people to enjoy the weather and do more outdoors, which was not the case in Rotterdam. The event took place within a hotel that we rented in the outskirts of Kiev, and was more organized than the previous meetup. There were fewer presentations and seminars, and greater emphasis on the participants having free time to get to know each other, as well as additional social activities such as dancing, swimming, going to the sauna, and touring the city of Kiev. The event also emphasized exploring Ukrainian culture, showing foreign attendees much about Ukraine they likely were unaware. This was also the first TZM event to provide professional simultaneous translators for segments of the program, translating English to Ukrainian and vice versa. People also left this event feeling very determined and more connected than before, with some claiming it was the best event TZM had ever held.
Watch a short review video of the event:
Our primary goal is to hold a successful event from which attendees will benefit, and always remember. It is our desire to increase activity and awareness within Sweden as well as the larger Scandinavian region, and to inspire people to participate in more TZM events and projects, as well as within other like-minded groups. We also wish to demonstrate that we can all work together and make this world a better place. We hope to motivate foreigners to return to Sweden (and Enköping!) and be inspired to explore more of the country. While Viking lore is currently a popular topic, this is a great opportunity to show off some real Viking history from Sweden and creatively integrate this within the event. Similarly, we want to feature other aspects of Sweden’s history and its heritage, of which many people are likely ignorant, as well as understand modern Sweden and its famous welfare-society and workers’ movement. There is a lot of work to be done and we need help from Sweden and the rest of the world to make it better, so this is a strong beginning. We are more than thrilled to welcome each and every one of you to this Zeitgeist European Meet-Up.
The revolution is now – kom igen nu!


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